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2-Panel Electronic Whiteboard
With Plain Paper Printer

The Panasonic Panaboard UB-5315

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Panasonic Whiteboards
Panasonic Whiteboards:  The Panasonic Panaboard UB-5315
Panasonic is a recognized award winner in office automation!

With two 1,648 square inch copy panels providing both
forward and reverse motion, the Panasonic UB-5315 can
supply crisp clear plain paper copies of the Panaboards'
panel images to share with every member in attendance!

Panasonic Panaboard UB-5315 List Price: $1,925.00
Our Price: $1,149.00
** Includes 12 Month Warranty **
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 Number of Panels: Two Panel Surfaces
 Panel Dimensions: 35.4"(H) x 55.1"(W) / Diagonal: 61.0"
 Copying Area: 33.4"(H) x 52.4"(W)
 Panel Advance System: Endless Scroll Type
 Panel Movement: Forward and Reverse
 Scanning System: Contact Image Sensor
 Print Technology: Heat Transfer Using Thermal Transfer Film Onto Cut Sheet Plain Paper
 Paper Type: Standard or Recycled Cut Sheet Plain Paper
 Compressed Copy: 2-Screen Compressed Copying
 Copy Density / Color: 203 dpi(8 dots/mm) / Black Copying Only
 Multi-Copy / Speed: From 1 to 9 Copies @ 15 Seconds Per Page
 Output Paper Size: A4 or Letter Size
 Computer Requirements: IBM PC/AT or Compatible Machine w/CD-ROM Drive and Pentium II or Higher
 Other Requirments: Hard Drive w/At Least 40 MB Free Space (Except Saving Space for Image File)
 Operating Systems: Windows 98 and Me Require at Least 64MB or more
  Windows 2000 Requires at Least 128 MB or more
  Windows XP Requires at Least 256 MB or more
 Interface: USB 1.1 (B Connector)
 Included with Unit: Wall Mount, 3 Markers, 1 Eraser, 1 Roll Thermal Paper and Software CD-ROM
 Options: Wireless USB Device Server and USB 2.0 Device Server
 Dimensions (H x W x D): 55.1" x 61.0" x 9.05" (80.0 Lbs. Without Stand)
$38.15 Panasonic UB-5315 Panasonic Genuine Brand New Thermal Transfer Film 
     Two (2) 164' Rolls of Replacement Thermal Transfer Film   (UG-6001) [092281822990]
$180.15 Panasonic UB-5315 Panasonic Genuine Brand New Wireless USB Device Server 
     Provides Wireless Network Connectivity (IPv6), IEEE 802.11b-1M/2M/5.5M/ 11Mbps auto-recognition   (SX-3700WB)
$230.15 Panasonic UB-5315 Panasonic Genuine Brand New USB 2.0 Device Server 
     Provides High-Speed Network Connectivity for up to 4 USB enabled devices   (SX-2000WG)
$225.15 Panasonic UB-5315 Panasonic Genuine Brand New Mobile Floor Stand 
     Mobile Floor Stand with included locking casters   (UE-608005) [092281866963]

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    * Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1.