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Level 3 Cross Cut
1/4" x 2.0" Shred Size

The Kobra 430 TS Shredder

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Kobra Shredders
Kobra Shredders:  The Kobra 430 TS  Shredder
Kobra is a recognized leader
in the shredder industry!

With Level 3 security, a 5.4 HP motor, an automatic oiler, an
electric conveyor belt and carbon hardened blades, the Kobra
430 TS shreds Paper, Card Board, Folders, Paper Clips, CD's,
DVD's, Staples, Disks, Credit Cards and USB Memory Sticks!

Kobra 430 TS Shredder List Price: $27,825.00
Our Price: $19,990.00
** Includes 12 Month Warranty **
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  - 17.2 Inches
  - 120 Sheets at a Time
  - Approximately 660 Lbs. of Paper Per Hour @ 50 Feet per Minute
  - 1/4" x 2.0" Cross Cut
  - Level 3
  - 5.4 Horse Power
  - 60 dba
  - Continuous 24 Hours
  - Yes
  - Yes with Light Signal
  - 124 Gallons
  - Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit Cards and Floppy Disks
  - Compact Disks, Cardboard Boxes, DVD/CD, Blue Ray, USB Memory Sticks
  - Electronic Conveyor Belt for Easy Feeding of Material to be Shredded
  - Drive Unit Utilizes All Metal Chains and Steel Gear Components
  - Automatic Reverse Feeding in Case of Accidental Jam
  - Integrated Automatic Oiler Guarantees Maximum Efficiency
  - Clear and Strong Guards on Both Sides for Safe View of Shredding Operation
  - Touch Screen Control Panel for Easy Operation
  - Continuous Duty Motor with Thermal Protection for Maximum Durability
  - 67.0" x 32.0" x 44.0" (1060 Lbs.)
$55.15 Kobra 430 TS Collection Bags 
     50 Disposable Plastic Collection Bags Designed to Fit This Unit   (SB-35) [8026064510691]
$51.05 Kobra 430 TS Automatic Oiler Oil 
     1 Gallon of Oil for use w/Automatic Shredder Blade Oiling System   (SO-2032) [8026064510929]
$26.15 Kobra 430 TS Automatic Oiler Oil 
     1 Gallon of Oil for use w/Automatic Shredder Blade Oiling System   (SO-1532) [8026064510929]
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    * Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1.