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The Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Software

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Kyocera Copiers
Kyocera Copiers:  The Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Software
Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 SoftwareKyocera PinPoint Scan 3 SoftwareKyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Software
Kyocera provides the very best Scanning
Solution to move your workflow seamlessly!

Kyocera brings speed and flexibility to one of your most essential
workflow functions with PinPoint Scan 3, powered by HyPAS. With
one easy-to-install application, your employees will have their own
personalized scanning solution designed to fit their unique needs!

Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Software List Price: $226.00
Our Price: $211.00
Can be Pre-Installed for only $ 45.00
... or call (800) 553-0101 and talk to a Human!
 Key Benefits: Secure: SSL Encrypted Communication
  Personalized Scanning: Each Employee Can Scan to Customized Destinations
  Simple Design: Enter a Unique PIN to Scan
  Flexible Destinations: Scan to Almost Any Destination on Your PC or Mac
  Scan to Applications: Send Documents Directly to Your Document Processing System
  No Negative Effects from Windows or Mac Security Updates
 How it Works: Create Your PIN and Personal Scanning Destinations Using the Scan 3 App on a PC or MAC
  Open the PinPoint Scan 3 App on a Kyocera HyPass MFP and Enter Your PIN
  Select From Your Personal Destinations and Scan. It's that simple!
 Key Features: New Streamlined User Interface
  Supports PDF, JPEG, TIFF and Optional Searchable PDF*
  Automatically Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive
 Supported Scanning Options: Auto Rotate (OCR), Density, Duplex, File Separation, Mixed Sizes,
  Original Type, Page Size, Resolution, and MORE!
 File Naming Options: Setup Can Have a Combination of User Defined Prefix, Suffix and an Auto-Generated Timestamp
 System Requirements: Network Connected Kyocera HyPAS Multi-Function Product (MFP)
  PC Application Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  Apple Mac Application Compatible with OS 10.10 and 10.11
  License Required per MFP (Provides Unlimited Users on the Network)
  Supports Multiple PCs/Macs
$598.15 Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Kyocera Genuine Brand New Scan Extension Kit* 
     *Scan Extension Kit is Required for Searchable PDF Feature. MFP Must have Either a Hard Drive or SID Card   (1603P10UN0)
$36.15 Kyocera PinPoint Scan 3 Kyocera Genuine Brand New 16GB SD Card 
     16GB SD Card Required for PinPoint Scan 3 if MFP Does Not Have a Hard Drive   (ISISD16GB-Scan 3)
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    * Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1.